Meet Wellington Menezes Paim

Wellington is a great personal trainer who knows that you are an individual. He knows your body is not like anyone else’s. You need someone who takes the time to know you, your needs, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Not everything works for everyone, which is why personalization is so important.

As an ACE, NASM and ESSA Certified trainer, as well as a University graduate in Sports Medicine, Wellington understands the challenges clients face when seeking to accomplish their fitness goals. By combining motivation as well as some unique tools & methods, clients can expect commitment & accountability in successfully getting results. Whether you want to lose body fat and tone your body, build serious muscle, or recover from injury — Wellington will help you do it.

Wellington at a Glance…

  • University degree in Sports Medicine
  • National Certifications: ACE, ESSA, and NASM
  • Well-versed in anatomy, joint structure and kinesiology
  • Well-versed in biomechanics, exercise physiology, flexibility, nutrition, and exercise science
  • Develops personalized programs for his clients
  • Does not believe in “one size fits all” training
  • Speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish


Personal training is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a qualified fitness specialist, in order to help you not only learn how to exercise properly to reach your goals, but also gain foundational knowledge that will help you understand how your body operates. You will receive a program that has been individually created to suit your wellness level and your fitness goals. Wellington has the background, knowledge, and experience that is essential for designing a program that will work for you. Combined with a personal commitment from you, personal training will:

  • Help you train safely and effectively
  • Provide encouragement and motivation
  • Help you set & achieve your goals
  • Congratulate you on your accomplishments
  • Provide new program/training ideas
  • General fitness questions


Online Training Program

BeFitWithWellington.com offers the convenience of a personalized fitness program from the comfort of your home that is tailored to your specific goals.

You will have the support of an online trainer to make sure you stay on track with your goals and help keep you accountable.

All this is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn More & Enroll


Knowledge, education and experience necessary to get you the results you want.


Progressive exercise program to return you to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels or better.


If you’re trying to lose weight for your wedding, call Wellington and he’ll get you ready for your big day.

Sports Training

Wellington will get you in the physical condition you need to win.


Training for the elderly with specific health issues like Diabetes and Osteoporosis.


An in depth analysis of your current situation (history, goals, time, equipment).

I see you.

Put down that cupcake.


Wellington seems to have an innate understanding of your weak areas and concentrates on making them stronger. At age 58 I feel that I am stronger and firmer than ever. I went from having extremely high cholesterol, blood pressure, and elevated triglycerides to having my HDL levels (good cholesterol) up to 53 and my LDL levels (bad cholesterol) down to 97. My blood pressure went down from 159 over 99 to 108 over 77. My triglyceride levels were through the roof at 317 mg/dl before training Wellington, now they are safe at 133 mg/dl. Wellington is without a doubt the real deal when it comes to training; using his routines, diet strategies and advice concerning types of training. I have seen results that define his skill as a great fitness/strength trainer. My flexibility has increased at an age where it should be decreasing. I attribute this to my workouts with Wellington. These workouts are the best gift I can give myself.

Maria G. Ferreira
Happy Client

I was working with a fitness instructor for quite some time. I didn’t see any results; mind you I’d been with him for 3 months. I went to my Doctor, only for him to tell me that I’d been losing muscle and not fat. I needed a change and I needed it fast. I was referred to an amazing, (and when I say ‘amazing’, I mean it) trainer named Wellington and he drastically changed my life. I went from losing muscle to losing fat. I started to see results immediately. He had me on a heart healthy diet and from then on I was on my way to looking better and feeling better. I can’t thank Wellington enough for how great I look and feel.

Mariana Mejias
Happy Client

For the first time in my athletic life, I chose to incorporate a personal trainer because although I often work out, I was just not seeing results on my own. The first day I started with Wellington, he tested me to my limits and beyond. At first I thought I was never going to survive, but after a few sessions and a deeper analysis of my lack of physical capability (at the time), he helped me get passed my weaknesses and find a new inner strength I forgot I had.

Tamara Ericson

Fitness training is clearly a vocation for Wellington, and he is committed to every one of his numerous clients. Working with him has given me new insight, motivation and, let’s not forget, tone.! I saw changes in my body after just two weeks, and continued to do so. I feel honored to work with him, and I know you will too.

Alicia Plumley
Happy Client

Within my 20 years experience in the fitness industry I came across Wellington Paim while scouting for Personal Trainers. He drew my attention with his innovative training techniques, Brazilian flair, and tremendous history of client retention due to his successful results. As a former Master Trainer I have tested Wellington’s training methods on myself and have seen a difference in my body. Wellington Paim is a true professional that has gained the respect amongst his peers and is highly recommended to anyone seeking fitness expertise.

Yanna Constantine Darilis
Greek TV Personality

What a great decision it was to bring aboard Wellington as my strength and conditioning coach. I knew he was the right man for the job once he evaluated me. We then began my journey to perfection. Wellington is so keen on what I need in the fight world, each exercise is specific. He is innovative and utilizes cutting edge science to enhance my performance. I am constantly approached by other fighters who ask me how I stay in such phenomenal shape. He has helped me perform light years ahead of my competition. Whether your goal is general fitness/fat loss or you’re a professional athlete looking to enhance stamina/performance, I encourage everyone to work with Wellington Paim. Thank you Wellington..!! You’re the man..!!

Jiu Jitsu Fighter

I was overweight and had type 2 diabetes. Wellington helped me not only lose all the excess weight I was carrying, but he helped control my blood sugar; I have lost 56lbs while increasing muscle since training with Wellington. My doctor tells me that my glucose and cholesterol levels are back to normal and I didn’t have to do it with any medication whatsoever. I owe it all to Wellington. Having Wellington in my life has helped me more than anyone could imagine. Thanks Wellington, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Javier Cotzoni
Happy Client

I just had a baby and was trying my hardest to lose weight. After 7 months of doing it alone I finally realized I needed professional help. I did a lot of research and tried one other trainer before finding Wellington. After the first session, I was hooked. He truly helped me get back into my original pre-baby form just in time for the summer. He is an excellent motivator and I truly look forward to each and every session I have with him. He has not only helped me lose weight, but I am much stronger and far more knowledgeable of fitness. My sessions are always challenging and Wellington is a complete professional.

Melissa Alves
Happy Client

I booked my latest movie role for the film, “Circle of Fury” on Jan 2, 2010, and was scheduled to start shooting January 27th. In less than 4 weeks I had to drop 15 lbs. and pack on nearly 5 lbs of muscle. I enlisted master trainer, Wellington Paim, to get me movie-ready. With his vast knowledge of core workouts, as well as helping clients to simultaneously build muscle & burn fat, I went from 182 lbs to 165 lbs, and reduced my body fat from 19% to 12%. Not only did he give me the workout I needed to make this possible, but he also set me up with a great diet plan that definitely helped me attain my goals. ‘Impossible’, you might think, but nothing is impossible when you have the drive to meet your goals, and nothing can help you achieve that quicker than the right coach and mentor. Thank you, Wellington.

Rob Alicea
Happy Client

Over the last few years, I have spent countless hours working out without reaping any rewards. Wellington has changed all that. He has taught me how to avoid conventional, one-dimensional machines, and how to use a combination of core/free weight exercises that will maximize every workout. I now have tools that I can use throughout my life. Because of this lifestyle change, Wellington has helped me lose 4 inches, 26 pounds, and 5% body fat. If you are looking for a workout buddy that will chat and pass the time with you, Wellington is not for you. If you are looking for No Nonsense, High Impact Life Changing workout that will maximize results in minimal time, Wellington is your man.

Yanni Amouri
Happy Client



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